What's Cvtap Pros?

Cvtap Pros is a mobile application created by Zenas Marketing Inc., with the mission to revolutionize the home services industry within the Cape Verdean community. Our goal is to simplify the connection between homeowners and a network of qualified professional services for various domestic projects.


Is Cvtap Pros free?


If decided on a pro for my project, how do I get the job started?


What can I do to make sure I don't pay too much for my projects?

Will you let me cancel a project?
Will unsatisfactory professionals be removed from Cvtap Pros?
How Do I Know I Can Trust Cvtap Pros?

We ensure all of the Pros in our network are legitimate by requiring them to upload a valid photo ID and a copy of any trade-specific license “Home Improvement Contractor Registration”.

Do you share my personal information with my selected pros?