Code of Conduct

To ensure the complete satisfaction of homeowners and professionals alike, we require all members of our website to abide by our code of conduct.


We pride ourselves on our zero-tolerance discrimination policy, which prohibits all harassment based on race, sex, nationality, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other factor. Creating a safe, cooperative environment is the most important part of establishing a connection between a homeowner and the proper home care expert.


Every professional on our website is held to the same high standard, requiring exceptional customer service and high-quality labor at affordable prices. Homeowners are expected to request reasonable services within an achievable timeframe. In addition, reviews of these services should be as honest and as detailed as possible. This allows us to filter out any contractors that provide subpar or dishonest labor.


It is the responsibility of both parties to correspond with one another clearly and professionally. Utilize a form of communication that the homeowner and expert are both comfortable with, and respond promptly.

We reserve the right to remove all users who fail to follow these guidelines from our platform.